Monday, August 12, 2019

How to Play Roblox.


Roblox, an awesome game played by billions/most of the world. If you're new to Roblox/a noob this guide would be perfect for you. Before you start getting into the fun stuff you first must choose between being a guest (only a temporary account) or make your permanent own Roblox account (just don’t forget your password).

Then once you're logged in it will show your character's appearance and it will say “welcome back (your name or guest and a number)”. If any of your friends play Roblox you can friend them and they will either accept decline or it could take months. There’s a lot of things to do but before you play games, I suggest you purchase Robux (the game’s money) and get things from the catalog with it and get most of the free stuff as well. The gear you just bought or received for free can be put on your character to change their appearance.

Once you’ve finished customizing your Robloxian you can now spend hours on making your own game (on Roblox studio of course) or spend hours playing games pre-made for you to play. I would highly recommend jailbreak to pros/people who like escaping jail and robbing banks (not in real life, only in the game). There is a bunch of other good games like free admin ones or just simple role-playing games like murder mysteries.

When you have chosen the game you wish to play (most of the time) there will always objectives like not dying (best part about dying is hearing Oof)or it could just be a fun simulator like speed simulator where you just keep running and become the fastest thing alive (also complete the challenges).In most games, there will be items you can buy with robux and they can also help you to your advantage. Whenever you feel bored in (example)jailbreak you should go on the chat bar and ask people if you want to team up with them, that’ll make robbing banks easier and buying things with the money a lot easier.

But these are just the basics of Roblox not useful tips and brilliant tricks, you now are a...semi-pro since you know all of the basics. Have fun playing Roblox!! Oh, one more thing playing the game on an Xbox will allow you to have better graphics better games and exclusive things.


Thursday, August 1, 2019

Subtracting numbers with decimals

 WALT: In the first slide

REFLECTION: This was a new strategy in maths we just learned for subtracting numbers with decimals.

Monday, July 29, 2019

On the trail of a Taniwha activity

This is one of the literacy activities we did while reading the book called on the trail of a taniwha.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Sonic drawing

REFLECTION: We were making sketches of either our face or an image and I chose to sketch sonic.

Friday, July 5, 2019

My speech

Why are we all so addicted to technology? Well, today I will tell you a whole lot of reasons why we are a little too attached to our devices.

1. Technology can affect our health in horrible ways and give us things like eye-strain,neck-strain or hearing loss. Don’t worry stuff like that only happens when you’ve been online for hours and when the volume is up high on the current device you’re using. Still, if we all do things online for like 9 hours each and every day we will get less exercise and then we will become lazy and unhealthy. Unfortunately sometimes when we buy things online on eBay or TradeMe there are always people who could scam us just to get free money for absolutely nothing!!!and we might get hacked by hackers which is another terrible thing that could happen online.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
2. There are bad things about technology but it can still help us in many ways. Whenever we have to wait for a while we can play games on our phones to kill time until you can leave or something like that. Most people have consoles that can be played on at home for entertainment like an Xbox One or handheld ones that can be played anywhere. It also helps very intelligent people develop new kinds of tech that are yet to make.

3.BUT!!!The one main thing about tec is that it helps schools everywhere with their learning at school and their homework. The good thing about this is that teachers don’t have to print homework, they can just check an email or on google classroom. It saves the trees since we then are using less paper and it saves time as well.

4. Even though it’s helpful we need to use less time on our device and just a bit more time doing other offline things. One of the best things to do is to put yourself on a schedule and keep on track for a very long time and have a minimum of 2-3 hours per day.I’m not saying we should abandon our phones and stick to books I mean a little less device time could possibly make us a lot more unaddicted to well technology.

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, tec is a wonderous thing that helps us in loads of ways but at the same time it can be a dangerous place filled with hackers and scammers.

Reflection: This is the speech I made in term 2 about why people are too addicted to technology.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Gillian lee's 4th failed journey up Everest


In May Gillian lee, a determined (Australia) mountaineer was trying to achieve his goal by climbing to the top of Mt.Everest.But this Climber didn’t want to use oxygen bottles nor take the easy route and wait in a huge line. So he chose to take the Tibet route on the north side, the much harder route to climb.

At 7600M high, Gill was starting to cough non-stop which caught the Sherpa's attention. They told him to stop and go back to base camp but Gill refused and he just continued to climb. As soon as Gillian's lips turned blue he instantly fainted, so they carried him back to his tent and put him in his sleeping bag while giving him oxygen and hot water bottles. A few hours later they dragged him on a sleeping mat down as far as they could with the help of a group of Chinese rope fixers. When they ran out of snow to pull him on, a group of people with yaks strapped Gill onto one which he described as "an uncomfortable ride". 6 hours later they got back to base camp and waited there until a helicopter arrived to take him to Kathmandu Hospital. 

As soon as Gill entered the Hospital his mother Julie Peck was waiting filled with rage, ready to tell him everything he had done wrong. Gill had put others lives in danger and his mum even called him selfish. The BIG question is, will he continue to climb Mt.Everest and fail or has he learned his lesson?

REFLECTION: We had to write about Gillian lee a climber that wanted to climb Everest without oxygen. Please enjoy the quality piece of writing I did about Gill.   

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Te Reo comic strip

WALT:Ask and answer questions in Te Reo (also translate in English).These are all simple questions that almost anyone could ask and answer.But the main thing about this poster is to extend our vocab in Te Reo. 

REFLECTION: The hard part about this poster was the Reo since we had to extend our reo not just use basics like mama and papa. Anyway I hope you enjoy my poster.